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Texas Independence Relay (#TIR2014)

Last weekend, I had an amazing time running the Texas Independence Relay 2014 edition with a bunch of old and new friends.

This was an amazing race to do before I start tapering for the Boston Marathon which is going to happen in a few weeks. On top of that, the weather was nearly perfect, during the day bluebonnets were in full bloom like I haven’t seen in many years.

During the evening, we witnessed a beautiful Texas sunset:

So how did I end up doing? I ended up running 4.5 legs (we had an injury so I ran half of an extra leg):

Overall, I had a blast and was impressed I was able to keep my average pace under 7:00/mi for the whole race, this puts me in great shape for the Boston Marathon. We actually ended up finishing 2 hours ahead of schedule roughly which put us finishing 8th at the San Jacinto Monument.

As a reminder, I’m still fundraising for the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so if you have the means, please consider a donation for this great cause. I promise to live tweet everyone thanks during the marathon as a token of appreciation.

Eclipse Luna+1 Name: Mars

After some legal issues with the initial name, the name of the Luna+1 release will be called Mars.


Mars is a fine name and also great planet. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in the process. We at the Eclipse Planning Council appreciate your patience.

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#RunAustin Half Marathon 2014

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my blogging about running. Last week, I had the opportunity to run the Austin Half Marathon during an extra humid morning.

My splits were:

  • 5K: 24:00
  • 5m: 38:42
  • 10M: 1:15:43
  • 21K: 1:39:32

Overall, I felt pretty good minus the humidity causing me to be soaked.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish the Boston Marathon in a couple of months, just not sure how fast I want to do it yet given my level of training currently.

For those who aren’t aware, I’m fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so if you have the means, please consider donating. I promise to live tweet the full marathon!

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10 Years of the @EclipseFdn and the Board Election

There’s been a couple of interesting milestones recently at the Eclipse Foundation. A few weeks ago, the Eclipse Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary and even refreshed its logo. The most interesting part of the anniversary is that Eclipse is more than just a community around an extensible IDE, it’s a place to foster open industry collaboration to develop new open platforms. There are now Working Groups that span industries from automative, to location area technologies to the internet of things.

Eclipse Working Groups

It’s also great to see Benjamin Cabé join the Eclipse Foundation to grow interest around the technology stack. At the board, I wanted to see the Eclipse Foundation hire another evangelist for many years now, it’s nice to see that finally happen!

Also, related to that, it’s Eclipse Board election time! I have the honor to run again along with a set of great candidates.


You can read my position statement and reach out to me over email or via @cra at anytime if you have questions. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the last few years and would be honored to continue to represent committers.

If you haven’t received an email with the subject “Eclipse Board Elections 2014″ and you’re a committer, reach out to to ensure you have voting privileges. We could always use a greater turn out of committers voting, it takes no more than a few minutes to do and you have a chance to influence the direction of the Eclipse Foundation.

Happy voting!

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For those who know me, know that I absolutely love running. It helps me clear my mind, keeps me in shape and something we as humans have a genetic predisposition to be decent at if we try.

This year, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to run in the 118th Boston Marathon. Last year and especially for those in the running community, we all watched in horror when two foolish people decided to execute an attack of terror.

One of the first things on my mind was, damn, I could have easily been there. Second, the Boston Marathon needs to move to the top of my bucket list as no one should fear participating in an event like that. This year, I’m lucky to be joining a group of 14 people who are raising at least $250,000 for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please consider taking the time to support our cause if you can.

For those who donate, I can promise that I will give you a front seat to the event by live tweeting each of my miles with lovely commentary and photos.

Edinburgh and LinuxCon Keynote 2013

I had a great time visiting Edinburgh, Scotland this week.

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to keynote at LinuxCon Europe 2013.

I took the time to talk about the evolution of the Twitter Stack over the years and how we moved to the JVM. I also discussed the importance of open source in that transition and how we give back since participating in open source isn’t a zero sum game.

LinuxCon 2013

It was definitely fun!

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Gerrit Code Review Book

It’s great to finally see a book out there on Gerrit Code Review. First off, it’s amazing that the cover features the Gerrit mascot which is the kung fu review cuckoo

Gerrit Code Review Book

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Gerrit and was involved with enabling it for Eclipse Foundation projects as part of our great Git migration. I also shamelessly support pretty much anything else that embeds JGit.

Anyways, I spent some time last weekend going through the book and I found it did a great job introducing Gerrit while taking care of basic setup gotchas. If you’re interested in using Gerrit at the Eclipse Foundation (or else where) and have no idea what the hubbub is about, I highly recommend checking the book out. As an advanced Gerrit user, I found the Appendix sections on working with GitHub (Gerrit supports replication) and integration with Jenkins (or Hudson) well done. As a bonus, I also learned about GerritHub which I had no idea existed.

In my opinion, the main downside of the book is that it didn’t cover an advanced Gerrit feature regarding tweaking submit rules with Prolog (which could always use more documentation), however, you can check out the online docs for some solid examples.

In the end, it’s always good to support authors who take the time to write about open source technology. Check the book out!

Zilker Relays 2013

I recently had the opportunity to run one of my favorite local relay races last Friday, the Zilker Relays.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I ended up having to run the lead and anchor legs as we had trouble with our 4th runner. It was a pretty hot Austin summer evening with the temperatures still hovering around 100 degrees when I started my first leg. I decided to take a bit easy the first leg since I still had another leg to run. I ended up finishing in 16:05.4 which I considered an OK time for me not putting in punishing workouts at the track lately. The only benefit of the last leg was that it was roughly 5-10 degrees cooler than when I started due to the sun setting… ended up finishing in 16:43.0!

Lesson learned? Travel less for work and spend more time at the track to get my speed up!

I look forward to running the Car2go marathon relay later in the month.

Bluebonnet 15km and Rogue The Loop 10km

I had a lot of fun last weekend taking part in two trail races as I work to get my speed back up. The first was a beautiful 15km trail race in Reveille Peak Ranch (@RPRTexas):

I took it pretty easy on the hilly trails and enjoyed the views from the top:

I ended up finishing in 1:27 running a 9:20 min/mile pace.

The next morning I ran the Rogue Trail Series: The Loop race. I finished the 10km trail race in 49:58 and ended up 12th, so not that bad. I had a lot of fun chasing folks:

I look forward to the last race in the series which a few years ago I had the special honor of slipping and falling on a cactus, it was good times.

Rogue Trail Series 2013: The MAZE

I’ve decided to start writing about my running again.

Why? I like to do it and it helps me to perform better. Since starting a new job at the tweet house a couple years ago, I’ve neglected my writing about running and the desire to run a sub 3 hour marathon. That’s going to change today though! Last week, I participated in the first race of the Rogue Trail Series titled The MAZE. It was a beautiful morning to run:

The Maze

I started in the back because I arrived a bit late and had to pass a lot of people which was fun. While the course had some single track terrain, there were ample opportunities to pass people. I even tried to vine me passing someone to see how that would turn out while running at a decent clip:

I ended up finishing decently at ~51 minutes and could have easily picked up the pace towards the eng. More importantly, I felt great at the end:


I look forward to the race in the series!