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Contributing to Eclipse?

The Eclipse Foundation is working on adding a contribute page and have posted a beta version.

If you have any ideas on how to make it better, please comment on the bug.

  • vogella

    The page looks really nice. I personally find the + sign a little bit large and I would place it on the right side.

    But I never claimed to have any visual design skills whatsoever… 😉

  • madhusamuel

    +1. Many people had asked me on how to contribute to eclipse. Now I have a page to show them. Thanks!

    A few points from my side.

    The '+' sign is attractive, but what does it signify? Can we have the text 'Contribute' instead of the '+' over the big blue icon.

    The 'write documentation' doesn't have a url to proceed. It would be nice if a clear procedure is defined for documentation too.

    The 'Teach with Eclipse' is more appropriate under 'Share your knowledge' section. Teach with eclipse is not defined further.

    I personally prefer the the word 'evangelism' instead of 'share your knowldege'.

  • Idea for just another '+' header image see

  • Idea for just another '+' header image see