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Eclipse Helios Toronto DemoCamp

Yesterday, we held the Eclipse Toronto DemoCamp at the Red Hat Canada offices.

Thirty or so people showed up and there was a lot of good presentations..

  1. Elliott Baron, Path-Sensitive Static Analysis for C/C++
  2. John Bossons, Wizards to make JPA value objects thread-safe
  3. Jason van Zyl, m2eclipse and tycho
  4. Chris Aniszczyk, Understanding and Using Git at Eclipse
  5. Ian Bull, Managing your eclipse installs
  6. Kenn Hussey, b3 Aggregator
  7. Charley Wang, C/C++ function call visualizations
  8. Andrew Overholt, Eclipse Linux Tools project

I talked about Git and demoed EGit a bit…

Afterwards, we headed to the Rose and Crown pub for drinks and food!

Overall, it was fun and thank you Eclipse Foundation for sponsoring the event!

  • Hmm, I completely missed any announcements on that, was it some kind of invitation only demo camp? 🙂

  • Sorry you missed it Eugene. It was advertised on the home page, the Eclipse wiki and my blog earlier.

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