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Joining the Eclipse Indigo Simultaneous Release?

I had a couple people approach me recently on how to join the Eclipse Indigo simultaneous release so I figured I’d share the answer with the world. The first step is to look at the rules and criteria for participating in the yearly simultaneous release. Once you’re comfortable that you can abide by the criteria (if you have any questions, ask your project mentor), the next step is to update your project meta-data indicating your desire to participate in the release…

It’s a boolean switch…

On top of that, I suggest sending an email with your intent on joining the release to the cross-projects-dev mailing list. Once you stated your intent, you’ll have to contribute to the Indigo build.

Hope this helps and good luck with joining the simultaneous release! In my opinion, the simultaneous release is one of the coolest things we do for the Eclipse community. It’s indicative of the level of professionalism we have within the Eclipse community by shipping so much projects on time.

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    That’s a pretty sad “boolean switch”. What UI pattern is that? 🙂