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Register for EclipseCon 2011

The schedule for EclipseCon 2011 is just about finalized now. If you haven’t already registered, I suggest you register soon before the early deadline expires.

I recently did a quick podcast with Lynn Gayowski discussing some EclipseCon 2011 related things. One thing I forgot to mention is that with all the recent announcement and interest in Eclipse Orion, there will be sessions at EclipseCon:

Enjoy and hope to see all y’all at EclipseCon 2011!

  • My registration did nor work: My coupon code was invalid, even before I could finish the registration. So I did not register and wait until the coupon code is reset…

  • If you have registration problems, please email:

    Anyways, sorry you’re having trouble registering Kai. This was all part of our ploy to make it harder for you to attend this year 🙂

  • Thanks for the email tip. I guess you want make it harder for me attending EclipseCon because you are afraid that I might run even faster 🙂