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Blaming in EGit 1.0

We are close to releasing EGit and JGit 1.0 for Indigo, so I figure I’d take the time to share a new feature. If you’re a fan of annotating source files with revision and author information, EGit now has support for blame annotations (via the Team->Show Blame Annotations menu):

From there, you can easily jump to the commit viewer from the popup…

Happy blaming!

  • This makes also the NetBeans
    guys happy: the promoted Git integration (see video “NetBeans IDE 7.0
    Overview” at 7:58 )
    is based on Eclipse JGit and M5 was blocked by the missing blame feature (see NetBeans
    Git plan )

  • Freddo Jones

    Who’s to blame for not implementing Stash in eGit?

  • It’s in the plan for 1.1….

    Who’s to blame for not contributing :)?

  • Freddo Jones

    ah…the old hackneyed response.  So when you hear a concert pianist play bum notes you’re not supposed to say anything because you can’t play the piano?

  • I agree, the E/JGit guys are the concert pianists in coding but you don’t have to be a code monkey to contribute. If there is a street musician and you listen to the music and you enjoy it then it would be nice if you put some coins into the hat.

    Who’s to blame for blaming people instead of code? 😉

  • Freddo Jones

    Yeah, it cost me years of my life in poor documentation and poor cross-platform reliability. Now it’s time to move on. In a couple of years’ time Eclipse will be dead on the desktop. “Java is not dead, it just smells funny” – misquoted from Frank Zappa.

  • Tomasz Zarna