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I’m going to @JoinTheFlock

I will be leaving Red Hat shortly for a new opportunity. In my opinion, Red Hat is at the forefront of open source and I think they are one of the best open source companies to work for. I enjoyed my time there working with the Eclipse and Fedora communities (I truly respect their open source mission). However, it’s time for me to seek new challenges and stretch myself in greater ways. I’m going to @JoinTheFlock by taking a position to kick-start and manage Twitter’s open source efforts.

Twitter uses a lot of open source code, from Ruby to Scala to many other projects from places like Apache. On top of that, Twitter contributes a bit to open source, checkout there GitHub page for some of Twitter’s work. I’m looking forward to representing Twitter, spreading the open source love and shaping open source policies with Twitter’s engineers and legal team. I have a lot of ideas of what Twitter could do in the open source arena and look forward to sharing those with you in the future.

How will this impact my involvement with the community? Not that much, I plan to remain involved with the community and even other open source communities. I find to be one of the most professional open source communities, I like the friction caused between commercial and open source interests, we are better because of it. Anyways, I look forward to shipping the Eclipse Indigo release with everyone next week and definitely the Juno release next year.

I’ll have more to say soon, if you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter as @caniszczyk.

  • Anonymous

    Well that certainly sounds fun!  Congrats, best of luck, etc …

  • Ian Bull

    Wow. Congrats Chris!

  • Rock out with your flock out!

  • Congratulations!

  • Good for you!

  • When people called you a flocker I always thought it was just because I had bad hearing. Now I know that my hearing is fine! Good luck in tweeterville, and, even better good luck on giving them a steer on OSS. From the outside I think you might have a stronger battle than you think as they try to get a business model with some longevity in place. Will watch blog with interest as usual.

  • Traitor ! 🙂


  • Congratulations, have fun

  • Andrew Overholt

    We’ll miss you but we all wish you the best of luck!

  • I love open source and happen to like business models also!

  • Congratulations Chris. 🙂

    Given Twitter’s reliance on Scala, maybe you’ll find a way to get the e4 JDT project moving again (the one aimed at improving support for Java-like languages). 😉

  • Nice! Who would’ve thought back in 2008 ( when you started using Twitter. 

  • Jacek Pospychala


  • I have never used Flock and i am Twitter only. I will follow you on twitter.

  • Congrats Chris! I knew you would do anything to get more followers 🙂

  • Lynn Gayowski

    Congratulations!  Glad to hear you’ll still be a part of the Eclipse community!