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EGit and JGit 1.1 Released

The JGit and EGit project teams are proud to announce our 1.1 release in time for Indigo SR1!

To see what’s new, check out the respective JGit new and noteworthy and EGit new and noteworthy documents. In terms of new features, some of my favorites are the new reflog view which I had a hand in putting together.

If you ever wanted to know where a commit went, git-reflog can save you. In terms of other features, I’m really happy with the improvements to the synchronize view which just screams now in terms of performance (thank you Dariusz Luksza). I’m confident now that we should handle the majority of repositories with reasonable performance when trying to compare refs.

The other highlight of the release is the improvements to the GitHub Mylyn Connector.

GitHub Pull Requests can now be added as a Mylyn Task Repository type and you can now open pull requests with an editor (supports opening commits in the commit viewer). This is fantastic productivity boost (thanks Kevin Sawiciki) if you had to work with github pull requests via the command line before. On top of that, there’s a full implementation of the GitHub v3 API available via the EGit project.

Enjoy the release and thanks for your patience while we improve the Git support within Eclipse!

  • I’d love to have someone from the egit team present to the ColdFusion Online Meetup if possible to show the plugin Meets Thursday 12pm and 6pm easter

  • Your best bet would be to send an email to and see if anyone bites. I know a lot of folks are busy now but I hope that someone can step it up.

  • Thanks, will do

  • sudr

    My new job requires me to use Rational Application Developer 7.5.x which is based on Eclipse 3.4.x. The egit update site does not work. I get a “No repository found at” error message.
    I did also try to install egit from the nightly zipped update site available on hudson. But RAD complained about dependencies. It looked like the nightly egit version is not compatible with Eclipse 3.4.
    I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how I may be able to get egit working on RAD 7.5.
    On a different note, I noticed that the git “‘format-patch” ( command is not listed on your slide with the git commands that egit supports. Is the plan that egit/jgit will only ever support a subset of git commands or was this just overlooked or is it scheduled for later?