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PDE’s Export Target Wizard

In Eclipse 3.6 M7, PDE will offer a new wizard that allows you to take the contents of your currently active target platform and dump it on disk somewhere.

We used this utility while writing the OSGi/Equinox and RCP books and I finally got around to pushing it into PDE (it was hiding in the PDE incubator for awhile). Thanks to Ian Bull for using one of the tried and true methods of getting people to do stuff in open source: patches and nagging 🙂

  • hi chris,
    do you export the TargetPlatformDefinition File or really the complete content (all plugins and features) to disk ? and is there a corresponding import ?

  • We export the complete content (all plug-ins and features) of the target definition to disk. The main reason we developed this is for when writing the book… the build chapter of PDE build was greatly simplified when you can export everything into one directory (especially if your target definition is aggregating things from multiple sources).

    In terms of import… that doesn't really make sense here… your “import” operation happens when you set the target definition as your active target platform.

  • great: all in one directory and then I can use this as location. …will be very helpful for workshops or tutorials to provide a well defined target platform. or can be used as backup – if some update sites are not online etc.
    thanks for this new export

  • vogella

    Thanks to Ian and you for providing this feature.

  • vogella

    Thanks to Ian and you for providing this feature.

  • Ralf Zahn

    Thanks to all developers for this feature. I exported my platform, but the content.xml file did not name any feature. So when “importing” the directory as a local repository, this repository is empty for the update manager. It his a bug or a feature? 😉

  • Bernhard Merkle

    Hi Chris,

    why do you export the complete content (all plug-ins and features)
    I mean, the user defined the target platform with lots of work
    and then suddenly we copy just all the files ? This makes no sense IMO.

    I think we should only export the selected plugins (also only for the selected platform). Think about putting a exported target platform to version control…
    I only makes sense if only the selected files (plug-ins features) are added.
    and nothing more…

  • Llohn

    Hi Chris,
    did you found any solution for that problem ?
    Or is it a bug, that the content-filter is ignored by the export ?

  • Philippe Krief

    Great feature guys, it is exactly what I was looking for… Thanks a lot