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Git Fetch Factory for PDE Build

The past few days I’ve been cleaning up a contribution to EGit that allows you to use Git as a PDE Build fetch factory.

This is important for some projects (like e4) who are using PDE Build in a certain way that requires the Git fetch factory. At the moment, you can download the fetch factory from the EGit PDE Tools nightly repository.

The map file format is: type@id,[version]=GIT,args

Where args is a comma-separated list of key-value pairs.

Accepted args include:

  • tag* – mandatory Git tag
  • repo* – mandatory repo location
  • path – optional path relative to repo which points to the element (otherwise it’s assumed that the element is at the repository root)
  • prebuilt – optional boolean value indicating that the path points to a pre-built bundle in the repository

Fetching is implemented as a three step process:

  • The repository is cloned to local disc. If it already exists, it is assumed that it was previously cloned and just new commits will be fetched
  • The specified tag will be checked out in the local clone
  • The content of the path will be copied to the final build location

If you come across any issues, let us know via the mailing list or bugzilla.

  • Xavier

    The nigthly build repository is down

  • Works fine for me when I enter it into Eclipse via ‘Install New Software…’

    You can always grab things from our nightly build on Hudson…

  • Gunnar Wagenknecht

    Thanks Chris for bringing this online!

  • Thanks for getting the code to a point where we could get it online šŸ™‚

  • Christian Campo

    I found an nice pitfall this morning when using the Git FetchFactory. If you PDE Build happens to run on Java 1.5. the Git FetchFactory will not work and PDE build will return strange error messages where the CVS fetch factory is trying to checkout git tags. You dont get a clear error message because the Git Fetchfactory bundle simply doesnt start.
    Upgrading to Java 1.6. helps instantly.